Clash of Magic APK

Clash of Magic APK: A Brutal Battlefield

Looking back several years ago, Clash of Clans was released and from there on, it resulted in non-stop chaotic raids all throughout the globe. As the years passed by, a huge chunk of the COC community has switched to other games due to the slow progress that the game’s system caters. If you are one of the avid clashers who want to experience an ultra-boost from the conventional COC game, you need to download the Clash of Magic APK right now.

Clash of Magic APK

Clash of Magic is actually a private network for classes to try out the game with seemingly unlimited sources and massive improvements. The private network is composed of four servers that each contains various fun-filled mods that would definitely pump the adrenaline of each player from within. These servers are well maintained as they have weekly updates and bug fixes. So you should download the Clash of Magic APK to test out your strategic COC wits.

The Rise of Legendary Heroes

As opposed to the typical Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Grand Warden in Clash of Clans, in Clash of Magic, players are allowed to customize their own heroes. There is a long list of heroes for you to choose from and it would depend upon your preference if which ones you would want to strengthen as you progress into the game.

The available custom heroes in Clash of Magic are namely; War Machine, Battle Ram King, Bat Queen, Night Witch Queen, Goblin King, Giant King, Balloon King, Wizard King, Dragon King, P.E.K.K.A. Queen, Minion King, Golem King, Valkyrie Queen, Hog King, Witch Queen, Lava King, Bowler King, Baby Dragon Queen, Mini Sparky, Pumpkin King, and Giant Skeleton King.

The Custom Buildings

In the world of Clash of Magic, COC’s buildings have undergone a massive revamp and there are also even a lot of additions to the game. These structures have different roles that would push you to the top depending on how you use them. The buildings are classified between an offensive role and a defensive role although some are used for mere decorations and of course summoning purposes.

The available custom structures in Clash of Magic are as follows; Damage Tower, Electro Dragon Tower, Goblin Hut, Goblin Town Hall, Jonawen Tower, Skeleton Tower, Villager Tower, Minion Tower, P.E.K.K.A. Tower, Barbarian King Tower, Archer Queen Tower, Toxic Minion Tower, Ice Wizard Tower, Mini Sparky Tower, Night Witch Tower, Baby Dragon Tower, Bats Tower, Witch Tower, even all of the decorations and obstacles in COC are included as well.

Clash of Magic APK

Clash of Magic Server 1: The Black Magic

As mentioned earlier, the private network contains four servers that have their own features so we will be talking about each server for you to decide on which one you should choose to join. The Sever 1 contains high modifications from Clash of Clans as players could construct custom buildings and heroes as much as they want.

Upon joining this server, the player would be granted an Unlimited Gold, Elixir, and even Dark Elixir for him or her to spend. If we are to describe this server in short, it grants total freedom for everyone. If this is your first time joining Clash of Magic, then you would surely be overwhelmed with the many things to do and with the many resources on hand.

Clash of Magic Server 2: The Hall of Magic

Same as with the first server, the second server is also highly modified as it freely gives out an unlimited supply of resources for you to waste. However, the server grants players the ability to customize their villages to the fullest extent. You could customize things depending on how you desire so expect to witness majestic villages on this server.

Clash of Magic Server 3: The Power of Magic

Compared to the previous two servers, this server puts you with limited resources this time. The server is slightly modified and gives out a mere 10,000 of resources which are namely Gold, Elixir, and the much wanted Dark Elixir. So if you are the type of player who wants to farm a lot, you need to join this server and conquer by raiding each village that is filled with resources that you stumble upon.

Clash of Magic Server 4: The Power of Magic 2

If you are the type of player that wants to experience custom heroes and structures then you have to look away from this server. However, if you are the type of player who wants to enjoy the original Clash of Clans but with unlimited resources, then this server is for you. If you have been bullied too much in the world of Clash of Clans and no even had the chance to test some things out, now is the time to do so.

The Security on this Private Network

Supercell is the one who hosts the original Clash of Clans game as it is run on their servers. In Clash of Magic, the game is hosted through high-speed private servers which ensure high-speed gameplay without any interruption whatsoever. With regards to the security of your account, it is fortunate that these servers also have the ability to protect you from hackers as your identity and data is encrypted.

Clash of Magic APK

Why Download the Clash of Magic APK?

Throughout the years, players of Clash of Clans have been fed up with the frequent updates, having to collect resources as more of a chore, and the overall slow progress of the game. With the Clash of Magic APK, the players are granted freedom to do stuff as they are given an unlimited supply of resources which includes gems as well. With that being said, players waste no time in building construction and army production.

Most of the players in Clash of Clans don’t even dare to step forward to the next town hall and remain in town hall 9 because of the imbalance that the game has. Only those who spend thousands of dollars are the ones who are seemingly unstoppable but with the availability of the Clash of Magic APK, the game is a flourishing place for classes as they could maximize their structures and troops. The Clash of Magic APK also enables players to experience custom heroes that have never been tried out before. So download the Clash of Magic APK to experience this exhilarating game right now!