Clash of Magic APK Download

The crawling speed of Clash of Clans has made a large chunk of their community to quit on the game. With the gaming industry steadily advancing faster than ever, there have been a lot more options aside from Clash of Clans. However, have you ever dreamed of having a maxed out village with maxed out troops in COC? If so, then now is the time to make it a reality, because, with the help of the Clash of Magic APK Download, you could experience a fast-paced COC gameplay on this private network.

Clash of Magic APK Download

Clash of Magic is without a doubt, the best private network for Clashers today. There are four different servers in this private network that each has their own distinct features that would cater to every individual’s desire for supremacy. The game is hosted on high-speed private servers, making it available 24/7 and secured for everyone to enjoy.

The Advantages of the Clash of Magic APK Download

With the Clash of Magic APK Download, you could get an unlimited supply of gold, elixir, dark elixir, and even gems. That’s right, you get gems as well so you would not worry about waiting for several days just to complete your buildings and army creations would be a breeze. The servers in this private network are running on high-speed servers so the frequent updating of the game and other interruptions are eliminated.

Another advantage of having the Clash of Magic APK Download is that the air sweepers are unlimited too. There is also room for much modification, depending on the server that you wish to join because they have their own special features. Playing against your friends is also possible in the game because friendly wars are also made available.

What devices can have the Clash of Magic APK Download?

The Clash of Magic APK Download is exclusive to all Android and iOS users out there. So as long as you have a mobile device running on the said operating systems, you could easily connect and play the game. There is no need for any more cheating because this is simply a cheaters paradise as the gems’ limits are endless.

The Requirements

Before you could install the Clash of Magic APK Download, you have to consider some system requirements first. You need to have at least an Android device that is on 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 which is the Ice Cream Sandwich version. You also have to make room for at least 85.6MB because this is the size of the Clash of Magic APK Download.

The Clash of Magic APK Download supports all types of screen sizes, whether it is small or extra large, it does not matter. Location permission is also required, along with the reading of phone status, identity, media access, device ID and call information, and also it should view Wi-Fi connections. If your device can cater all of this, then you are good to go.

Clash of Magic APK Download

The Various Modifications

Depending on the server that you are in, there are a lot of modifications in Clash of Magic. There are some servers that allow their players to customize their structures and even heroes to the fullest extent, while there are also some that give out options for the player to choose from. If you want to try out these awesome new modifications that the developers have done to improve the game, then you should not choose server 4 because it is more like the original Clash of Clans.

The Custom Heroes

If you have already played Clash of Clans before, you should know by now that the heroes have certain abilities once they reach a specific level. The same thing goes in Clash of Magic but there are a whole lot of other heroes to choose from aside from the typical Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden. It also takes a lot of getting used to your chosen heroes as this was never launched before.

By having several heroes to choose from, it would be best to try them all out. Since you do have an unlimited supply of gems, you could easily switch from one hero to the other. This would allow you to recognize their skills, wherein their strengths and weaknesses would be noticed as well. You would be able to build stronger armies depending on the heroes that you are controlling. There is indeed a lot of time to explore the versatility of Clash of Magic.

The Custom Structures

If there are custom heroes, there are also custom structures as well. There are some that are offensive in their own nature, but there are also some that are defensive and even act as a support structure too. There is no perfect base in Clash of Magic due to the high customization that it brings. Unlike the old Clash of Clans where some build their bases specifically to put them on the edge when it comes to ranking, here in Clash of Magic, it is a different story.

These custom structures, along with the original structures will aid on to your success in the game as you defend against strong attacks driven by in-coming opponents at no specific time. Your heroes will also help a lot in the successful defense of your base so you need to upgrade them as well. Looting of resources is also a thing in Clash of Magic, depending on the server, so you have to be ready at all times.

Clash of Magic APK Download

Why is the Clash of Magic APK Download Essential?

There have already been private servers of Clash of Clans for several years already but without a shadow of a doubt, Clash of Magic is definitely the best private network there is. With the growing community of the game, you would be amused with the tactics that the enemies have come up just to invade your base.

The Clash of Magic APK Download is essential because you could find this nowhere else. As long as you have an Android or iOS device that is capable of the requirements that it needs, then you would be on your way raiding villages with your furious mixed army of lethal troops. Try to explore the game by experimenting on army combinations and you will certainly make it to the top.

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