Clash of Magic Download: The Ultimate Version

Clash of Clans has made a mark in the mobile gaming industry and was even on the top five of the most downloaded applications back then. It allows players to build a variety of structures and compose armies in hopes of wiping out the enemy base in a single clash. However, with the crawling progress that the players have experienced, it has slowly made their players quit after years of playing. It’s a good thing that the Clash of Magic Download is available for everyone to enjoy.

Clash of Magic Download

Clash of Clans has been described as one of the games that have pushed a new era of single player gaming on hand-held devices. It was reported that the game was generating more than 600,000 USD in revenue daily for Supercell, way back in February of 2014. It was also the top grossing application on that year with an estimated revenue of 1.5 Million USD daily. Despite its commercial success, the players have chosen to leave the game as it would take years to dominate. This is why the Clash of Magic Download was created.

What is Clash of Magic?

Clash of Magic is a private network that hosts four servers that give out different features. The game is run through high-speed servers that eliminate the need for interruptions for whatever reasons. Most of the components and game play of Clash of Clans was absorbed but the creators have come up with a catch, and this is by adding in some certain upgrades and of course an unlimited supply of resources.

If you have played the game, it is very tiring to keep on collecting resources for you to become stronger in the game. One of the hardest struggles is collecting a sufficient amount of Dark Elixir for you not only to utilize in upgrades but also for army creation. With the Clash of Magic Download, all of the troubles that you have previously encountered are taken away because not only do you get unlimited resources but you also get unlimited gems as well.

The Struggle for Resources

When you first start the game, the main goal in the world of Clash of Clans is to loot for resources. There are basically three resources in the game and these are namely Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. In order for you to construct structures and strengthen your walls, you need to collect Gold. Elixir, on the other hand, is used to create troops and spells but other structures also require this type of currency to build.

The Dark Elixir is one of the most valuable of the resources and is hidden mostly in the center of the base. This comes high in value because with this, you could upgrade your Heroes and it is also used for the creation of strong troops. There is also another currency which is called Gems but this is the premium currency in the game as it is used for various things and mostly to skip the waiting time.

What has happened in the world of Clash of Clans is the heavy imbalance in the game. Most of the players that have made it to the top are those who are spending their real cash in exchange for gems. This is also one reason why the free-to-play players have quit the game. With the Clash of Magic Download, there is no more need to worry about collection of in-game resources because everyone has a sufficient amount to spend.

Clash of Magic Download

The Well-thought Strategies

Because of the fact that players already have an unlimited supply of resources, it has become an even playing field. It would now depend on the type of strategy that you come up with. Whether you want to play as a defensive player or an offensive player… anything goes. An important thing to consider is the placement of defensive structures as it would aid in the successful defense of your base.

There is a wide variety in Clash of Magic, so you need to decide on what heroes would you want to mix and match. These heroes would help in the success of your future battles. Troop formulation is also crucial because if you do not come up with troops that would complement your heroes attacks, then it would be a loss for you.

Spells also play a heavy role in every victory because of the effects that it does to your army. Nevertheless, you have to put in mind that only one mistake could cause a defeat. It would be best to practice on all of these important factors in order for you to perfect all of the battles that you would be facing head-on.

New Modifications

There are a bunch of new modifications that were made in Clash of Magic. These were done to enhance the gameplay as more variety equals to the added fun. Most of the custom additions in Clash of Magic have never been exposed in Clash of Clans so if this is the first time you are hearing about this private network, it is highly advised that you go on and click on the Clash of Magic Download.

Clash of Magic Download

Why is the Clash of Magic Download Essential?

It is a matter of preference when it comes to most things but if you want to try out the popular single player mobile fighting game Clash of Clans on a faster pace, then the Clash of Magic Download is a must for you. With the Clash of Magic Download, you would be able to practice your skills as a player of COC because you are given an unlimited supply of resources to spend.

With all of the added modifications, you could also try out the custom heroes and structures in the game and experiment on them. None of these could be done without the Clash of Magic Download because this is a private network and not managed by Supercell itself. As long as you have an Android or an iOS device that is up to par, you are just moments away from testing the beauty of what the Clash of Magic Download has to offer.

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