Clash of Magic Server 2: Chaotic Battlegrounds

Clash of Clans has made a huge impact not just on the hearts of their fans but also on the mobile gaming industry as well. It has aided on how people have embraced the single player mobile online gaming network as it is widely popular nowadays. Despite the massive success that Clash of Clans has managed to reach, the downside is the slow progress that players are experiencing. However, you have to worry no more because the Clash of Magic Server 2 is open for those who want to try out a new system.

Clash of Magic Server 2

Private servers of the game Clash of Clans has been out for several years already but nothing can beat Clash of Magic. There are currently four servers in this private network, which all have their own awesome features. However, if you are one of the players of COC who have been struggling to be on the top because of the lack of resources for upgrades, then you must join Clash of Magic Server 2.

The Different Private Servers

As mentioned a while ago, there are four servers that are currently hosting the game but all of which have their own unique catches. To summarize all of them, some give out an unlimited supply of resources while one of them does not. Also, there is another server that is more of a copy of the original Clash of Clans but this time, there is just an overflowing amount of resources.

The Clash of Magic Server 2

With regards to the Clash of Magic Server 2, it gives out an unlimited supply of Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and even Gems. Aside from that, players also have the access to build certain structures along with custom heroes as well. These new additions have never been seen elsewhere so it is one of the reasons why you should join the Clash of Magic Server 2.

There are a lot of modifications in this server that you have never imagined so if you join the Clash of Magic Server 2, then you have to take much of your extra time to study what are the best possible combinations that you could create in order for you to excel. There is a lot of room for experimentation and careful analysis in Clash of Magic Server 2, so take your time and learn from the attacks of others too.

Clash of Magic Server 2

The Outstanding Custom Heroes

Just like in Clash of Clans, heroes play an important role in the success of every attack. It is quite difficult to wipe out a strong base without them but it is a lot easier to perfect some of the favored attacks because of the few heroes that are available. Whereas in Clash of Magic Server 2, there are a wide variety of heroes to choose from, which would give you a hard time to decide on which one to choose.

Heroes in Clash of Magic Server 2 mostly complement the attacks of the army that you are using so you have to analyze on which heroes you should bring on a battle. There are some who focus mostly on offensive strikes but there are also some heroes who greatly affect the whole army with their supportive skills. It is definitely difficult given all of the possibilities or combinations because you could win an attack with heroes who deal great damage upon but there are also attacks that need support.

The Unique Bases

In Clash of Clans, bases are designed to defend several types of attacks. Although that system is still present in Clash of Magic, in the original game, the structures are upgraded or created depending on the outcome of what the player desires. Let’s take for example the most common base in Clash of Clans which is the base wherein players keep on upgrading the town hall and just by getting the required structures and no other defensive structures in order for them to get the upper hand when it comes to offense.

Now in Clash of Magic, there is no need for such type of base build-up because there is an unlimited supply of gems. You could simply bypass the creation time and come up with a strong army in no time. It is just a matter of careful and well-thought precision defensive mechanisms for you to successfully defend your base.

Focusing on Tactics

Tactical measures are what you need to focus on the Clash of Magic Server 2 because of the unlimited supply of resources that it gives. You need to learn the basics as well as the complications that some of the skills of the troops and heroes have for you to be victorious. Complementing the army that you have with support heroes that are matched up with great offensive ones is a major key in Clash of Magic Server 2.

However, with the many custom heroes and custom structures that are available in Clash of Magic Server 2, you need to know each one of them. An in-depth usage of each of the troops and heroes are vital for all of the players to make it to the top. If you want to excel in the world of Clash of Magic Server 2, then you need to invest much time in it and learn from your mistakes as well.

Clash of Magic Server 2

The Chaotic Clashes

Clash of Magic Server 2 showcases a wide variety overall, which makes it a great game to indulge in. With the readily available resources on hand, you as well as your opponents can create unstoppable forces in no time. That is of course if you know how to assemble massive defensive structures to support your base whenever an attack is to commence.

Expect pure chaotic clashes in Clash of Magic Server 2 like you have never witnessed in Clash of Clans. You will be able to discover great army combinations from enemy attacks and you could also create such combos from your own ideas. The key in Clash of Magic Server 2 is just pure innovation, patience, and determination.


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